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Avtor: Lenka Gložančev, NaY Ypsilonovka 2015

What you've just read is not branding or marketing of the Ypsilon Institute, but a  very important message.  A call-to-action, if you will!  

Ydentifying yourself means becoming a part of the Ypsilon Institute community, a think tank and a place for networking, business, and informal education of the most proactive and promising representatives  of  the Y generation . I have been a Y member for quite a while now and I know very well what the Ypsilon Institute is achieving and giving: supporting you fully and accelerating the way to your goal with education, mentors, and business opportunities.  

So let me use this first Ypsilon blog post to invite you to ydentify yourself. To evolve your Identity into a Ydentity.

Y? Because business  means people and relationships, and relationships mean chemistry. And  in chemistry it's all about the chemical formulas and elements, which, as we all know, are named with letters. You change one element – one letter in a chemical formula – and you get a completely different result. The same is true with languages and words: you replace one letter with another and you get a different  meaning. So how is it with identity? Does it change when we ydentify ourselves and go from having an Identity to having a Ydentity?

Yes, it does. Let me illustrate this Y effect with that very letter, the letter Y, in comparison to the letter I. Graphically, it takes three I's to get a Y. And it takes one Y to get three I's.  At the Ypsilon Insititute and in the business context this translates into you and your business, which become stronger, more prosperous, and more valuable.


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It's not about changing your identity, it's about upgrading it. Just look at the letter Y and you see that the basis is actually an I: your basic identity, now upgraded, opening up at the top, becoming more connected and open to development and mutual growth, evolving into something bigger.

When many Y's are joined together, even more Y's  are created. They don't just add up; they multiply. That's why Ydentification is so powerful and fruitful. 

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This is something an I could never do. You see, if you join two or three I's together you only get a longer I or an L, or maybe a T or V or N but never a NEW I.

However when you go from I to Y, along the way you connect changes. This is because when you join two or three Y's together, multiple  new Y's are created, expanding further with every new Y that attaches and becomes part of it.    

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The power is therefore not just in us,  but also in the way we – the Y's – connect with each-other.   As you can see in the picture above, these  Y's create a net:  an interesting pattern that  looks a lot like a molecule.

This Y molecule illustrates the power of connectedness of Ypsiloners, evolving much faster and creating new business opportunities and  new Ydentities along the way.

I think this is great illustration of the importance of Ydentifying. The importance of giving people a Ydentity in order to outgrow the I-obsessed society, living in an individualistic and disconnected world, where there are lots of humans but less humanity, lots of friends on Facebook, but no best friends, high IQ but less emotion, costly watches but no time, and moon landings but neighbors unknown.

I hope you agree with me that this kind of reality does not reflect who we really are and what we want to become. If you agree and want to change the way we feel about progress,  you are welcome to join the Y-shaped world, connecting you with a group of Ypsiloners, connected together by business bonds and relationships that have chemistry. Just like a  group of atoms is held together by chemical bonds.

You see? Business is all about chemistry! Because business is people and because the biggest business in business is finding a true bond with them and then creating something new together, adding value to each others lives and business.   

So connect with us and to create an Ydentity that will upgrade your professional life by educating and networking you with the most proactive, talented, and promising young Slovenian career-builders from all possible fields under the mentorship of one of the most successful people in the national and international business community. These are the ones that have the power or enthusiasm to help create your career and with that a better common future.  

Join us! For your professional and personal growth. The Ypsilon Institute members  are like the incarnation of the letter Y – which is an I that has evolved into a Y, opening itself up,  towards something bigger, higher, and more valuable – towards that which will make a working life a life work.

That is how we will create a Y-shaped world, made of Y-shaped molecules – the DNA of a better common future!

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