Go to school or start a business?

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Avtor: Lenka Gložančev, NaY Ypsilonovka leta 2015

I heard so many people ask that question! This dilemma is very common among youth nowadays: On one hand we have business, which  changed dramatically in the last decade, creating more and more opportunities and ways for starting a career and making a (very) decent amount of money.

On the other hand, we have  education. What is it bringing us on financial level? »Hmm, not much«, especially when looking at the level of youth unemployment that  Europe is facing today. And even those who are employed  are  getting more and more unmotivated at their job. Reason? Underemployment, underpayment and the "over-education paradox" as  academics have named it: the economy is seemingly crying out for qualified employees, but a third of workers have qualifications they don't even need.

No wonder it looks like getting formal education and finishing school is losing its worth. It left many of young Europeans with a feeling of being played out. And at least a little less rich then they thought they'd be by now.

And  so those who are still in the education process are thinking of getting out while they can and start a business. After all, there are more and more cases when people dropped out of school and then made a big career, bringing them a (very) respectful amount of money. For example, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out and it worked out pretty well for them, hasn't it?. We get the same feeling when looking back at all of our Y success stories – many of our guests achieved their goals and made their careers  thanks to a bold and enthusiasmic jump straight into the business pool, rather then  with long years of education.

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So what is education really bringing us nowadays? Do you also have a feeling that for your career, going to school  is becoming less and less valuable and essential?  Now tell me: what kind of school came to your mind when you read the previous sentence? I bet that  you thought of  Masters and Phd's and other shiny titles that often leave us with not-so shiny jobs in the end. Or with no jobs at all.  

But this black scenario is true only when we perceive  education in a narrow-minded way – as formal education or something that is opposite to doing business, since by choosing it we choose to spend nearly half of a decade preparing for our career instead of going stratight to doing it. That is when we think – »But I could have been already building my career by now«. We feel perplexed and slightly jelaous of people who have made it so quickly – no real education, no years of preparation, nothing. Seems like their passion, enthusiasm, timing and place were enough.
Or maybe the key to their success were their connections? Hmm… Connections you can make in school versus those you make in the business world. Jared Allgood, an entrepreneur who started Juxta Labs and sold the Yearbook app to United Online, made many connections in college but his biggest connections came after college. He argues that had he not gone to college, he potentially could have started his startup much sooner.

Finally, how’s the learning experience different between starting your own business or graduating? Some would argue that the better learning experience is when you’re actually doing it. You can read a book and sit in an art class to learn how to draw, but you’re not going to actually know until you give it a try. The same can be said about starting a business.

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Deciding to start a business or remain in college ultimately comes down to which offers more benefits in the long run. Which will pay for itself, a student loan or business loan? Which gives you more opportunities to network or get your business noticed? From which will you learn more? Is it possible to do both?

The right formula for success is not choosing one over another, but choosing BOTH – business and education! And I am not leaving you with this – you don't have to search where to find all in one, because the answer is below:

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SUMMER SCHOOL LJUBLJANA, offering you education and business in one. + A wonderful 2-week proactive vacation and many new connections that might lead to great friendships and partnerships. Business partnerships, that is. Though you never know.:)

The bottom line is,  July 2016 can become an important milestone for your career path. So go to school, stay in school and show up. Every day. For 14 days.

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Because the truth is this: it is not true that school and education is  no longer needed in order to succeed.  If the formal education is loosing its power and value, it is not because education itself would be unnecessary, but because the INFORMAL education is on the rise.  

Just think  -  have you ever heard somebody say how informal education turned out to be useless and unnecessary? Probably not. Know why?  Because informal education  is integral part of business – you don't gain it BEFORE you start your carrer but WHILE you are starting it.
In case you don't know yet  when and where you should start your career, we have the dates and the place for you. – In the green and sunny  Ljubljana, this year's green capital of Europe, between 9th and 22th July 2016.
If you are a proactive, talented and promising individual with big goal and mission like us, you can start your career  right in the heart of Europe, where the love, business, opportunities  and  love for business opportunities are.

So kindly invited to apply for IBSS this summer! You will be in a very good programme and in very good hands, surrounded by one of the best  mentors  and  opportunities.

Sign up now and make the most out of this summer! We will provide all the equipment, contacts, mentors and coaches to make a 22 July a new milestone for your carreer!

See you in July!

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