Potential and advantages of digitalization in 21 century for generation Y


Avtorica: Ana Petrovska


Generation Y is the generation born in the period of transition. Being in touch with the technology, since early childhood, makes them people who are keen on changes and think outside the box. The rapid expansion of the internet, cable tv channles etc, gives them the capability to be much more rational, able to understand the difference and choose the right thing. On one hand - existing of the traditional marketing and on the other side – the million options given by Internet, generation y is facing a very contradictory view and learn from the situation.

As a first advantage of digitalization, is the ability to see two different perspectives and decide which one is better. It triggers them to think and to be more rational. Compared to generation X, who already have their habits from their early childhood, which influence on their decision, gen Y are more informed and more prepared to face the problems and find or even create a new solution. Example, children of gen Y, when they need to choose something, they are searching for different sources to find better information. Their young minds were keen on technology use and they learned how to use and benefit from the Internet. They can even make better decision than their parents, because they were more informed. This makes them people who are recognizable for thinking outside of box.

On the plus side, we can also say that gen Y had good luck. They were born when there were new information, but good quality of information. What I want to say, that then was the period when the things were starting to change and there was new kind of competition on the market. So every business strategy take risk and needed to be modified to bring only quality results to the market. Compared today, we have a lot of information, I can say even too much information, and the people are confused about what is good and what is bad.

The high degree of education of generation Y shows that they already made the correct step and take the right way. The potential of digitalization in 21 century, gives them even higher resources that gen Y can use and make breakthroughs. Here I can mention true examples who will give you even better perspective of what I am talking about. Generation X were people that made the biggest number of business strategies and ides. At that time there were companies born every day and they are still existing on the market and are successful. But, with time we all know that everything needs to be modified and changed, and there would be a result - good or bad. Generation Y are the best people who have learned how to make that change to definitely bring great results. Me and some of my friends, are children of parents, who have their own small and successful companies. We are open and many times we were discussing on this subject. Yes, our parents had great ideas and currently are running the business the best they can, but all of us have a really good suggestions that will, of course, make a change and bring even greater profits. And that is thanks to technology. We compare how the business processes are now and how we will change them with digitalization. We see how much the whole business will be improved and will even give space to introduce new things and change the business strategy.

From my point of view, generation Y are the best people to hire for work. They will help, thanks to the new technology, to make the best changes in one company. They have experience to make the rights choice, bring good results and improve the work on every level.

“Generation Y is looking to change not only the office space, but the world as we know it.“

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