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Klemen Thomas

klemen thomas

Sex & Love Coach for Men

A few years ago I was an arrogant dick.

Then one day I realized it was enough.

I ended the relationship I had for 5 years and started searching for ways to change and create something different.

4 Years later, after countless intense trainings and study of personal development, countless books on psychology, influence, happiness, tantra, communication, meditation retreats,... ...well, things are different :-)

Having experienced this kind of journey myself, one thing is crystal clear for me. I wanna share these tools with the world.

My dream is that every person on earth is a sexually empowered being. And I have another crazy idea... That when that's gonna happen, all of our other problems will fall away. But lets leave that for some other discussion time.

You can find out more about me (and get my free audio-training) at www.klementhomas.com.

"Klemen is hands down one of THE most present, loving and authentic men I have ever come across. He comes from a depth of experience, having really gone through the journey of growing as a man.

From knowing him and his partner personally, I have seen that he truly walks his talk – in life and especially in relationship to his woman.

The powerful wisdom that he shares holds the keys to not only an extraordinary love life, but also to an empowered way of living from freedom, alignment, abundance and passion."
- Ronja Sebastian, owner of sensualyogini.com, Sweden

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